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Over 26 Years of Experience in Serve People

Telecom was established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1998. Back then the use of technology was very limited and security cameras were only displayed in critical places.

That’s why we have developed this business to help people purchase more of this product in order to decrease theft and crime. Along the way, decided to expand our services to keep up with the the latest developments in the telecommunication world.

Along with security cameras Telegroup began to offer alarm systems, access control solutions, intercom systems, video doorbells, etc. In 2017, we decided to further expand our company and opened a branch in Canada.


3 Reasons to Choose Us


On Time

We deliver our product in .. working days and always available for any inquiries or troubles.


Best Service

Our cameras have shown great impact for our customers, always keeping them safe and secure.



30+ years of offering customers a great technology and service.

Our Mission

Our priority is supplying you with ultimate telecommunication solutions at affordable prices in order to integrate the use of it into your lives, whether it be at home or work. Telegroup wants to ensure you have peace of mind that your home/business are protected no matter where you are.

Our Vision

We aim to grow and expand to provide citizens with as much security as possible making sure we have established a safe and secure environment for people to live in.